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Product Safety

DARD Products, Inc. has a  long history in the promotional products industry has instilled a tradition of values which inform our every endeavor. A fidelity to integrity, accountability, and service; alongside imperatives for responsible action inspired by our clients, family roots, employees, and stakeholders motivate us and form our mission. The greatest exposition of our dedication to this tradition is in our practices, protocols, and procedures. Compliance initiatives which conform to regulatory, quality, and safety standards alongside best practice measures of excellence are integrated in DARD Products, Inc’s approach to quality systems, product safety, social compliance, environmental stewardship, and supply chain management.


DARD Products, Inc upholds stringent standards of operation intent on assuring the highest quality, safest, socially responsible, and environmentally sound product possible. Partners are evaluated through documentation, licenses, and audits executed by company or an authorized third party.

Licenses include:

  • Factory License for Manufacturing
  • Factory License for Export


Certifications include:

  • SA8000
  • WRAP
  • WRAP-E
  • ISO-9001 (2008)
  • ISO-14001
  • CTPAT (Training Certificate Acceptable)
  • FDA Registration

DARD Products, Inc further evaluates factory production capabilities by assessing factory capacity through size, number of employees, and monthly output. Managerial practice audits are conducted through factory tours and evaluations of the following documents:

  • Factory’s Quality Manual
  • Factory’s Export Guidelines
  • Applicable Training
  • Maintenance Policies
  • Employee Handbook



DARD Products, Inc’s safety compliance measures ensure products meet all of the regulatory mandates enforced through U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and the Federal Communications Commission. DARD Products, Inc’s practices, protocols, and procedures ensure conformity with manufacturing safety and quality expectations. Assurance measures include documented methods to:

  • Update regulatory requirements
  • Communicate product requirements
  • Communicate banned or restricted substances
  • Validate products prior to manufacturing
  • Select suppliers
  • Test finished products


DARD Products, Inc further requires specific traceability and recall procedures; processes to provide compliant materials; and a strict adherence to U.S. standards and guidelines on compliance. Quality is assured and maintained through procedural reviews, sampling, mechanical and performance testing, and product safety testing.


DARD Products, Inc’s social compliance measures address working inequities and our relationships, direct and indirect, with affected labor. Our mission is to influence and uphold responsible, ethical, and protective standards in the environment of operation. DARD Products, Inc accordingly practices and requires assurances of protection through minimal compliance standards including but not limited to:

  • No Child Labor
  • No Involuntary Labor
  • No Coercion/Harassment
  • No Discrimination
  • No major health & safety issues presenting danger to employees
  • No interference with freedom of association


DARD Products, Inc product suppliers are expected to uphold our values and thus our mission. A full social compliance audit is an operating mandate for current and prospective manufacturers. The audit may be executed by either DARD Products, Inc or an accredited third-party provider. The failure to submit to an audit that meets minimum compliance standards will result in disassociation. Audit considerations include:

  • Worker Qualification Criteria
  • The Application Process
  • Working Hours and Conditions
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Labor Maintenance
  • Measures of Termination
  • Form 7.4.1-CTSCA (California Transparency in Supply Chain Act of 2010



Environmental stewardship is the implicit obligation to first, do no harm. DARD Products, Inc accordingly pursues environmental practices and relationships directed to the purpose of the ethical and sustainable management of resources. We are dedicated to responsible material sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, use, and disposal in all of our processes. The policies, protocols, and procedures in place ensure full compliance with all regulatory requirements in the product realization process. Importantly, the measures of environmental stewardship executed by DARD Products, Inc ensure the ongoing health of the peoples and environments where we operate.